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coverpic flag Austria - Full Moon 91 - 03/06/04

Angelika Koehlermann

Zeebee is a singer with a soft, Björk-ish voice who creates an eclectic music sound. "My Thing to Do" recalls the Netherlands playful collage artist Solex. Zeebee cheerfully sings over crunchy beats. "Tender" is a trip-hoppy track with a nice laid-back vibe to it. Zeebee adds torchy vocals that gives it a Portishead mood. "Visit You" is a poppy track that puts the emphasis on the kittenish vocal. "Open Your Eyes" gives a weird sense of fun with its cinematic, sweeping melody. "Soul Collateral" has an intriguing lyric and a melancholy tone that's very appealing.

Chemistry is an intriguing, potentially explosive record.

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