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Pink & Blue & Green
Feral Media

It's difficult to resist the alluring whisper of "blue aquamarine / swim under with me", especially in the midst of a sweltering February coastal heat and so it is with Catnip's debut EP. This four-tracker from the Melbourne four-piece will have you diving down deep, drinking in their cool lucid beauty.

Opener "Pink & Blue & Green" has a slow languid march about it with the stratospheric lap steel/slide adding in no small way to the lush darkness. The bubble & hum of samples and effects, most pronounced on "Lullaby" adds an enticing layer to the wunnerful underplay of vocalist Nerida Trask.

The abovementioned "Aquamarine" captures the sensuality of swimming in the cool blue stuff with an intimate someone and falling under the spell of it all. Having spun this disc many times since its arrival I still marvel at how Catnip have managed to nail it so damn perfectly. From the unhurried percussion, light touch of effects and outstanding fretwork, they've set quite a high standard for themselves. Impressive stuff.

Guitarist Richmond Brain puts in a stunning performance across all four songs. Displaying a refined versatility similar to the jagged snaky echo of Michael Timmins, the fluidity of Lou Reed and the steely late night blues of fellow Melbournian Matt Walker, Brain's fretwork is a highlight of this outstanding release.

If you're a sucker, as I am, for music such as this (floating n' pulsing, dark n' sad without being morose), direct all enquiries to Melbourne. With Heligoland, Silver Ray and others releasing premium cuts of aching fragility over the last year or so, there's something in the rarefied air of that fair city.

Catnip are currently in the studio recording their debut album. A very exciting piece o' news for punters in possession of this gem. A beguiling little taster it is for future Catnip.

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