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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 95 - 07/02/04

Various Artists
Children of Mu
Planet Mu

This is a various artists compilation of electronica. From The Gasman's weirdly suggestive opener "Imodium" to the poppier strains of rising star Patrick Wolf, this is impressive stuff. The 2-cd compilation has reasonably well-known names like Venetian Snares and Luke Vibert to obscure ones like Frog Pocket.

The synth and odd vocal snatches add flavor to Chevron's "Swimming Lessons (Deep End). Luke Vibert's glitch-poppy "Homewerk" comes across as a sketch of an Aphex Twin tune. Joseph Nothing makes calm, abstract music on "Piazza of Tomorrow".

Weaver001's "A step aside" is hushed and gentle like Sigur Ros from Iceland can be.

This compilation should appeal mainly to fans of the genre, but they will be well pleased with it.

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