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Blind Faith and Envy
The Charming Factor
Nilaihah Records

Blind Faith and Envy is an impressive synth pop band that is made up of Charlene April and Daniel Guenther.

"Crowded Room" is a Depeche Mode-ish pop tune with a deft hook and a great vocal by April. "Major Philosopher" is a very dancefloor friendly track with a pulsating beat. "Slightest Wave" is shiny and energetic like Erasure could be. April's a less showy singer than Andy Bell though. "When I know you're gone" flirts with electroclash and is sassy and smart. The cover of Depeche Mode's "Shout" is neat also.

Some remixes round off the record in a very nice way. In all this is a very pleasant listen.

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