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flag flag Wales
Capital: Cardiff
Population: 1,913,000
Telephones: 29,500,000 (UK)
Televisions: 20,000,000 (UK)
Radios: 70,000,000 (UK)
Railways: 17,561 km (UK)
Roads: 386,243 km (UK)
Airports: 388 (UK)
Source: World Factbook
CourseFull Moon
Antonymes: Delicate Power (In The Hands of Others) EP 06/20/16
Antonymes: For Now We See Through A Glass Dimly 05/21/16
Antonymes: The Licence To Interpret Dreams 04/18/11
Antonymes: We Don't Look Back For Very Long 01/09/12
Catatonia: International Velvet 02/11/98
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci: How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart 11/30/01
John Cale: All Summer Long 08/21/13
John Cale: Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood 10/29/12
Sal: Dysfunctional 09/28/04
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