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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 124 - 11/05/06

Armstrong Jr
Come Show Your Face

Armstrong Jr seems in the mood for straight up disco and who am I to refuse him? It sounds like fun. "I Like it" carries echoes of Soft Cell's minimal electro even if he's a less flamboyant singer than Marc Almond. It would be hard to be more flamboyant. The title track takes a heavy breathing intro and then proceeds to get funky and dirty, better than Justin's "Sexy Back" for sure. The suggestive lyrics play well off the pulsating background. "Never Ending Discotheque" lives up to its title and comes on like Scissor Sisters. "Comfortable" is darker, almost industrial with its bleak thudding noises and disillusioned words. Armstrong Jr is more complex than he seems at first and which makes for a good record.

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