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The Beatles

One granddad, one son, and four lads from Liverpool..!

Old man super producer George Martin and his son Giles, touch their hands and ears with gold from the 60's. The Beatles: Love.

It all started with George Harrison becoming a friend with Guy Laliberté from the performance group "Cirque du Soleil", years ago. Harrison had an idea of making experimental mixes and visualise the music from The Beatles. George started this work together with Guy, but he died in 2001 before it was finished. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Olivia Harrison (George's wife) and Yoko Ono Lennon (John's wife), wanted the work to continue. The old Beatle producer George Martin, and his son Giles, was asked to take this musical project to a fulfilment. In June 2006, the show Love had its premiere in Las Vegas, USA. Now you can buy the music. So what is this all about, really?

The Martins have taken the original master tapes from The Beatles' recordings, stripped them, and re-recorded them, mixed them together with parts of the music and instruments from different songs. It's fun, because some guitars, bass or drums hook up together really fine. It's mostly in the beginning and end of the songs that you get this fusion of different Beatles songs.

The CD starts with John Lennon's hymn "Because", with the sound of summer in the background, and then "Get Back" - but this one starts with the guitar riff "A Hard Day's Night". Then comes the musical history of the band, and it's just wonderful. George Martin and his son have done their work with love, they have given us hard core fans the chance to really understand the genius of John, Paul, George and Ringo. In some parts you can hear excellent bass lines from Paul, Ringo's easy or hard drum beats, George's magical mystery guitars and John's power, and sometimes desperate singing. This is the greatest pop band in the world's history, and this CD proves it, 2006-like. The sound is crystal clear, and you can really dive into the mystic of why the music from the fab four are so fantastic.

Listen to "Strawberry Fields Forever" - acoustic and electric, "Octopus's Garden", "Lady Madonna", "Here Comes The Sun", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Hey Jude", and a lot more. It's so old and so fresh! This is pure happiness, pure sound, this is LOVE! (PS! You can buy a special version in 5.1 surround!!!)

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