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Ted Russell Kamp
Poetry of the Moment Records

Ted Russell Kamp plays on Shooter Jennings band and has Jessi Colter singing on his new record. He plays a competent if not adventurous brand of Amercicana.

"Gypsy's Tune" is a strong ballad that shows off great voice and skill for writing anthemic songs. "Looking For Someone" sees Kamp and the aforementioned Jessi Colter find sweet harmony together. Their voices blend perfectly on one of those Gram and Emmylou-styled ballads that so many do but so few pull off as well as this. "Better before you were big time" is a wry duet with Jennings that hits the spot. The singers sing of the high life and how it ruins you. Kamp's not flashy or hip but he's solid and makes great music.

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