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Matt Stern
Songs For The Wandering Spirit

Canada's Matt Stern makes relaxed music and sings in several languages on his new album. His soft tone recalls Jack Johnson or Damien Rice but his stories are all his own.

"New Beginning" is a song about a crumbling relationship. The mood is still laidback and the tone hopeful rather than sad. "Good Boy" is reminiscent of the aforementioned Jack Johnson with gently strummed guitar and soft vocal. Lyrically it offers advice to a depressed youth without being too judgmental. "Dis-moi que tu m'amies" sung in French, is a sweet little love song. Sarah Cochrane lends a nice duet vocal and adds nicely to the song. "Baile de olas" sung in English and Spanish, has an upbeat melody and Stern sounds like a young Elvis Costello. This album is nicely wrought and should make Stern some new fans.

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