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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 144 - 06/18/08

Allison Crowe
Little Light
Rubenesque Records

It's time for another record by the talented Allison Crowe and I'm happy about that. Her past albums have all been stellar and this one's no exception.

Vocally she's more restrained this time but there's no mistaking her dynamic voice. The more acoustic sound of this album supports her singing well. "Angels" is a live recording that has some of Crowe's best singing and a supple melody. "Disease" is a long, epic tune with some gorgeous piano playing and a fabulous vocal. Crowe adds dissonant chords in the mix and that adds a welcome tension. The Cyndi Lauper cover "Time After Time" is done live and it really works. "Hold Back" is softer and with a slow, unfurling melody as Crowe sings of being restrained. The cover of Phil Ochs' "When I'm Gone" is moving and a fitting tribute to the great Ochs himself. This is another great album by a truly marvelous artist.

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