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Ben Sollee
Learning to Bend

Ben Sollee is a cellist in Bela Fleck's band but he's also got a solo career to tend to and here he does. His folk style has many soulful touches and this record is great. "How To See The Sun Rise" sees him play his cello and sing with genuine emotion of love. "Bury Me With My Car" is catchy and buoyant while having a satirical lyric. Sollee's really got what it takes to standout amidst today's pale Blunt wannabees. "Prettiest tree on the mountain" is a straightforward and pretty folk song with Sollee singing in a pleasing way. He daringly covers Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" and even updates the lyrics. He finds his own voice within the classic and that's why it's so great. Learning to Bend is just great.

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