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flag US, Kentucky
Capital: Frankfort
Population: 3,908,124
- Republicans: 1,069,451
- Democrats: 712,903
Bird: Cardinal
Flower: Goldenrod
Motto: United we stand ..
Nickname: Bluegrass State
Song: My Old Kentucky Home
Tree: Kentucky Coffeetre
Source: 50 States & Capitals / CNN
CourseFull Moon
Ben Sollee: Learning to Bend 07/18/08
Bodycocktail: Aeromatic Insinuendo 11/20/02
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy: Beware 04/09/09
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy: Ease Down The Road 04/08/01
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy: I See A Darkness 03/31/99
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy: Master and Everyone 02/16/03
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy: Noe Valley Ministry, San Francisco, CA, 13.04.2002 04/27/02
Bonnie Prince Billy and Matt Sweeney: Superwolf 04/24/05
Daniel Martin Moore: Golden Age 05/21/16
Daniel Martin Moore: In the Cool of the Day 01/19/11
David Pajo: Skateboarding in Pine Ridge OST 02/22/16
High Water Marks: Songs About the Ocean 12/26/04
Marbles: Expo 04/24/05
My Morning Jacket: Does Xmas Fiasco Style EP 12/26/04
My Morning Jacket: Okonokos 12/05/06
My Morning Jacket: Z 12/15/05
Pajo: Pajo 07/21/05
Papa M: Highway Songs 12/14/16
Papa M: Whatever, Mortal 12/30/01
Phantom of Family Halo: The Legend of Black Six 01/03/07
Plastic Bubble: Big Day Parade 03/05/15
Rachel Grimes: The Clearing 07/31/15
Rodan: Rusty 04/15/14
ulysses: 010 12/26/04
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