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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 150 - 12/12/08

Janelle Monique
You Go To My Head
Zafe Musik

Janelle Monique is a jazz chanteuse who selects a few choice songs for her debut. She has a skillful band to follow her cool vocals.

Kansas' "Dust In The Wind" gets a funky and irresistible reading, Monique's vocal tenderly getting to the heart of the song. Oliver Miguel's soprano sax adds a spine-tingling moment. The title song is rendered in a big band way with a sophisticated vocal. "For The Love Of You" is slow, languid and shimmering with sensuality. Monique's supple vocals lend themselves well to this song.

"Round Midnight" gets a neat reading, with a sublime opening. This debut promises much for the future.

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