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Matias Tellez

When we reviewed Tellez' first album (2007) we tried to not make too much of a point of his young age. Now he's not that young anymore, and in a world where artists get two chances to evolve artistically, this might be his make or break. In my world, that is - not in the world of sales and disco.

I suspect that disco is his aim and he might just make it for all that I know (or care). Funny thing though, is that the last time I was at a disco (might be 10 years ago) the music sounded much like this. I'm not talking about rave parties. So, the same formula is still there. The quirky pop with danceable beats and clapable choruses.

I was thinking about not trying to sound grumpy and old, but since this album makes me a bit grumpy I can't help myself. This is too clever, too straight and too cold for my liking. And by cold I mean that there is so little of musical emotion and feeling coming across that I actually had to check the sleeve to see if people had been playing here or if it is all computerized. Well, they do - but it is a sad fact that I really couldn't tell the difference. It might be that the 80's is back on the charts and in the heads of 20-somethings today, but what freaks me out is that the bloody awful synths has got to be here still.

Where does it leave me? Well, mostly numb. Titles such as "Indians On Mars", "Head In Cloud" and lines like "kids are the future, children of the right solution" tells me that it's just a phase he's going through. Hopefully.

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