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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 158 - 08/06/09

Sankt Otten
Lustig, lustig demain encore lustig
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Every new Sankt Otten release I usually rave over of the qualities of the German's songs. I therefore got excited of hearing of a new song, from a new album by the gents Stephan Otten and Oliver Klemm. "Lustig, lustig demain encore lustig", off the album Morgen wieder lustig (out September 1st), is said to be "the neon drug nightscape to Wunden gibt es immer wieder's electric opium day". Oh, yeah, night time is the right time.

This time both Kraftwerk and Klaus Schulze are clearly among the influences. I'm not so sure about the pounding drum beat, or the song itself this time. Is it possible? Me getting disappointed by Sankt Otten? Well, it's not a bad single, it just doesn't get to me after the first rounds of spinning. Maybe I should put it on hold, let it lie a few days, then check it out again. Nevertheless, I'm awaiting the new album eagerly.

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