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Blitzen Trapper
Black River Killer EP
Sub Pop Records

The Portland based folk rockers Blitzen Trapper are back with the EP Black River Killer, only months after their last album Furr, which also contained the title track of this EP. The other six songs have up till now only been available on a CDR purchased at Blitzen Trapper's live performances.

Even though "Black River Killer" wasn't the most outstanding song on Furr, it sure works fine as the opener on this pleasant, cool and laid-back folkish EP. Actually, I find this EP to be more likeable than their previous albums. Mostly because their 60ies inspired folk soundscapes are more set and slightly livelier. Especially on the tracks "Preacher's Sister Boy" and "Big Black Bird". And maybe it also is that the EP-format are doing them some good, by hiding their other ways borderlining the ordinariy.

So, Blitzen Trapper has with the Black River Killer EP come one step closer to revealing their obviously great potential.

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