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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 163 - 12/31/09

Sara Marlowe
True Stories
Self-released/Sara Marlowe

Sara Marlowe's previous album has a strong political message, and the new one continues in that vein.

"Keepin' the Peace" sees her look at her homeland (Canada) and its efforts at keeping peace while armed. She sounds sincere as well as angry. "What You've Done" directs its anger at an unspecified target, making listener identification all the easier. It's musically pared down and sung with a passionate sense of pride. "Red Wine and Revolution" takes a look at untraditional but still honest romance. Marlowe sounds sweet and plays her guitar well.

"Waiting for Peace" is a hopeful prayer for something more like peace in these troubled times, Marlowe sings it with conviction and grace. Her album's a testament of the necessity of dreams and hope in times of trouble.

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