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Cold Stars
Black Paisley

Hip-hop artist e-dubble grew up in Philadelphia suburbia. Starting his rap-head mix-tape career by recording songs straight from the radio onto his Fisher Price toy boom box's tape deck, he went on (when wakening to rap music) feeding his head with Snoop Doggy Dogg, Warren G, Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G., and on and on. He attended St. Mary's College of Maryland (where he met future band mate Skeltz), forming and improving his own style. In 2009 he put out his debut album, Hip-hop is good (Black Paisley).

What seems to be his project now is a series of samples/remixes/freestyling of songs by a line of artists (among them Sigur Rós's singer Jónsi and Swedish act Lykke Li to name a couple of interesting names). "Cold Stars" (Freestyle Friday #48) is e-dubble's take on/remix of "Star of Wonder" by Sufjan Stevens (taken from his Songs For Christmas box), of course done just before Christmas 2010. e-dubble's got a cool flow and attitude, with, eh...some serious thoughts around xmas-time. Harsh reality, right. And, of course: you can't go wrong with a good song by Sufjan. I'd better check out some more e-dub tracks.

E-dubble is also a member of the Baltimore based Irish Toothache collective and hip-hop band Young English (counting besides E-dubble, singer Pabs, Tup on guitar, Stubbs on drums, Glaze on keyboards, and Skeltz on bass), aiming for a full length album. About the band YE state "...made up of six healthy individuals. Five of us live in a mansion together. Four of us are under six feet tall. Three of us are very sick." Right on.

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