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flag US, Maryland
Capital: Annapolis
Population: 5,006,000
- Republicans: 951,892
- Democrats: 1,223,813
Bird: Baltimore Oriole
Flower: Black-eyed susan
Motto: Manly deeds,
  womanly words
Nickname: Old Line State
Tree: White Oak
Source: 50 States & Capitals / CNN
CourseFull Moon
All over Everywhere: Inner Firmaments Decay 04/18/11
Animal Collective + Oren Ambarchi: The Corner, Melbourne, 6.11.06 12/05/06
Animal Collective with Vashti Bunyan: Prospect Hummer 05/23/05
Animal Collective: Centipede Hz 08/31/12
Animal Collective: Feels 11/16/05
Animal Collective: FloriDada 02/22/16
Animal Collective: Here Comes the Indian 08/12/03
Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavilion 01/11/09
Animal Collective: Spirit They're Gone Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee 12/08/03
Animal Collective: Strawberry Jam 10/26/07
Animal Collective: Sung Tongs 06/03/04
Animal Collective: The Fillmore, San Francisco, Sunday 5 March 2006 03/15/06
Boister: Some Moths Drink The Tears Of Elephants" 06/15/11
Brian Larsen: Breaking 01/30/10
Dope Body: Kunk 12/25/15
Entrance: The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken By Storm 06/14/03
Kowtow Popof: End of Greatness 03/04/07
Kowtow Popof: Tastes Like Armageddon 02/25/13
Lower Dens: Brains 03/08/12
Lower Dens: Escape From Evil 04/04/15
Lower Dens: To Die in L.A. 02/04/15
Monitor Records: Brian and Jason - monitoring the full story 09/10/03
Oxes: hugging Nat Fowler at ATP 12/19/02
PromiseLab: When the Lights Go Down 12/02/09
Tori Amos: Unrepentant Geraldines 05/14/14
Trans Am: Surrender To The Night 07/20/97
Victoria Vox: Key 06/23/13
Wilderness: (K)no(w)here 02/09/09
Wilderness: Vessel States 06/11/06
Wilderness: Wilderness 09/19/05
Wye Oak: Shriek 05/14/14
Wye Oak: Tween 09/16/16
e-dubble: Cold Stars 01/19/11
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