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The Headstones
Smile & Wave
Universal Music Canada

The Headstones, one of Canada's (maybe the world's) most underrated bands, shine brightly with this, their third release. Not only have they improved their overall sound (which is hard to believe...), but they've also matured to the point where they are contenders for international success - with the right exposure. The guitar is dramatic and energetic, with Trent Carr's talents emerging more than their previous albums (Teeth & Tissue, 1995, and Picture of Health, 1993) Tim White's Bass is impeccable, Dale Harrison on drums is relentless, and Hugh Dillon, voted one of the Top Ten reasons Canada is cool by Flare Magazine, is fantastic once again, both in depth of writing, and in performance, he has to be one of the finest front men in the business.

The album is a nonstop romp through all varieties of style, all depths of disparity. The playful negativity persists through songs like Without A Sound - written about a woman who drowns herself, the song is deep with symbolism and irony:
"She wore a beautiful dress, to her own death, and everyone agreed it was tasteful", Dillon croons. With styles varying from straight on rock'n'roll, hardcore punk, and even some bluesy dissonance on the first single Cubically Contained. This album has something for everyone. All you need to love the Headstones are a love of humour, a slight taste for the darker side of life, and a passion for good, solid rock'n'roll.

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