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Adam Cohen
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Adam Cohen has a challenge in being son of the great Leonard, but his own career reaches back a long while now. His last album Like A Man was superb and got some justified acclaim.

"Song of You and Me" has its echoes of his father's work, most of all vocally, and with a plaintive backing chorus of female voices. But it's a beautiful song in its own right too. "Love Is" is a lovely song talking of all sorts of love in an inclusive way. It has a divinely sweet chorus and a nod to Cohen senior's "Hallelujah". It's a song worthy of the singer Adam Cohen has become.

"So Much to Learn" is a reflective song with a gorgeous chorus, Cohen doing the song justice. "Swear I was There" is a fabulous end to the album, a song where Cohen lays his heart bare, and its has one of the strongest melodies. It's a wonderful album, another proof of Adam Cohen's talent.

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