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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 231 - 07/02/15

Kim Erickson
The Raven's Wing
Route 61 Music/Light in the Attic Records

Kim Erickson pays tribute to her mother's Scottish roots with an album of Celtic folk. "10.000 Miles" is a beautiful song with a clear vocal and a lovely instrumentation. "Full Fathom Five" takes Shakespeare's text from "The Tempest" and the music's by folk legend Pete Seeger. The results are striking, Erickson singing at the top of her game. It's sad and lovely track.

"Woman of Valour" sees her make a traditional song of her own, and it works beautifully. Her soprano voice is well-suited for the material. "Gaelic Blessing" is a trad lyric set to a gorgeous melody that works well. It's an amazing album.

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