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The Better End
Sugarbush Records

Caddy is the sundazed and melancholy pop project of one Tomas Dahl, formerly of The Yum Yums (as drummer and bass player), The Wonderfools (on vocals and guitar), and the drummer (ca. 2008-2010) for Turboneger (as well as Trbngr offspin The Vikings). Caddy has been going on for a decade but The Better End is the first album proper. Well, actually the second album it seems, as Go Slow was released in 2006 (on the Wizzard In Vinyl label) -- 're-released'/'re-named' as Electric Hero in 2010 (Diner Junkie Records) holding a few more songs. If you love Teenage Fanclub, you'll really enjoy Caddy.

Dahl sings and plays most instruments himself, but a few guests have stepped in (such as Australian power-pop legend Dom Mariani, known from bands like The Stems and The Someloves). But Dahl does very fine by himself, as a song-writer, arranger and perfomer. The Better End holds eleven tracks, mainly from the nice and cool end of the pool. The songs are of the sun-drenched and feel-good kind, from the opening "Here It Comes Again" (the nod to Teenage Fanclub, or TFC, is indeed present, as does "Fangblenny" and "Something About Carina"), to the closing track. Smooth and nifty pop music for the summer. Perfectly chilled and heated. The entire album is an ode to summery pop music from Brian Wilson and Big Star, via Matthew Sweet, House of Love and TFC, to The Thrills. Well, you might add some of Mariani's bands as well. Plus several others.

The Better End is relased (on fabulous sky-blue vinyl) by the UK label/mail order company Sugarbush, which has spesialised in flower-powered sike-pop (the label released The Orgone Box' self-titled 2001 album, re-titled as Centaur to name but one). According to Sugarbush 'it sounds and looks fantastic... The sound is superb', with 'harmonies to die for'. Some of the songs are, if not to die for, something that perfectly fits your sunglasses and longdrinks. Ace pop songs for the summer season (wheter it rains or your bathed in sun). Dive into Caddy's pop pool. Put on the title track for a starter, or dig into "Chasing Clouds", or "Beautiful Strange", or "Saint-cyr-sur-mer" (the French Big Sur?), or... Pick any. Nothing but good vibes in here.

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