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Stormy Skies and Starry Nights
Vestkyst Records

Caddy (or Tom Dahl) gave us one of this year's finest, sunniest pop albums with The Better End. Here's another pop song - pop candy for the Christmas tree time.

"Stormy Skies and Starry Nights" continues the pop sound and pop quality from The Better End, meaning catchy songs with neat harmonies, jangly guitars, and breezy, comfortable and efficient arrangements. Teenage Fanclub (watch out, there'll be a new TFC platter early next year!) is still a reference when describing Caddy's pop creations. Plus Big Star, of course, and other pop bands from the shady side of the sunny spots of the pop world. 'The sound of the raging sea is my only friend and it keeps me company / What would life without be, like a fish on land, it becomes my enemy...' Caddy sings. "Stormy Skies and Starry Nights" is a fine way to greet Christmas and a nice exit from 2015. Caddy is the new fisherman's friend. Come explore the poppy flavours of Caddy. To re-phrase the Fisherman's Friend (the throat lozenges) slogan, Caddy's pop music 'embrace strength in depth and explore the outer limits of the musical lozenge, tom make them last longer.' If you can imagine a Caddy song to come shaped like a lozenge. Pop pills for a sore throat, or a 'soar mind' maybe. Merry Christmas, Caddy!

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