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Various Artists
Long Range Transmissions
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Hail the amazing Hidden Shoal label/licensing catalogue! Over the years, Cam and co. have launched a high number of magnificent music. Long Range Transmissions is the first collection in Hidden Shoal's new series of themed V/A compilation. And, guess what: it's all free to download! This is the Christmas gift of the year!

Long Range Transmissions is of course a perfect introduction to some of the artists on the label. You'll find fine artists from all over the world, like Markus Mehr (Germany), Slow Dancing Society (USA), Antonymes (Wales), Elisa Luu (Italy), Erik Nilsson (Sweden), Chloë March (England), Medard Fischer (Canada), My Majestic Star (Australia), or Cheekbone (Japan). To name some, well, most of the artists.

Hidden Shoal Recordings (HSR) is the place to go find quality music from the electronic, experimental, ambient and/or atmospheric fields, but you can also explore and experience nice pop and folk music, plus some careful, laidback dream rock music as well. The label states that Long Range Transmissions presents 'the ambient and neo-classical side of the HRS catalogue'. They also state that this compilation present 'artists as diverse as Robert Pollard collaborator Todd Tobias, British chamber-pop songwriter Chloëe March, and American ambient nostalgist Slow Dancing Society.' I dare you to step inside the hall of HSR, find yourself a listening booth, and dream-off to, say Kryshe (Germany), Sleeping Me (USA), or Gilded (Australia).

To paraphrase Leary's old hippie saying ('Turn on, tune in, drop out'): Turn on, tune in, turn up! And, finally (and most important): please return! It's highly recommended.

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