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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 239 - 02/22/16

Spin, Spin, Spin (single mix) b/w Go Around Once
Rune Grammofon / Stickman Records

The song on side A of the 7" single was originally a haunting little folk ballad, written and performed by American Terry Callier. Motorpsycho's version is based on the cover version by H.P. Lovecraft, an interesting psychedelia-band from Chicago, USA, recorded in 1968. Yes, they took the name from the horror literature master. In fact the band recorded two of Callier's songs for their second and last album H.P. Lovecraft II. Anyways, both versions are dominated by some great guitar licks, but Motorpsycho have substituted the piano with an occasional nice pushy vintage Hammond, well at least it sounds like Hammond. At the same time it has retained the song's original folk flavour, more so than HPL's version. Great backing vocals, too. Taken from the new album Here Be Monsters. And the video leans towards wood and desert rock'n'roll and a bit outlaw country. Not bad, not bad at all!

The non-album flip side is - surprise, surprise - a quiet singer-songwriter kind of ditty. Written and sung by Motorpsycho's bass player Bent Sæther. It's only armed with two acoustic guitars and a discreet cello, probably, or viola, towards the end. Not the most obvious offer from a band notorious for their 20 minutes plus electric mayhem jams, but it works well. Pretty and neat and fits the folk feel of the A side.

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