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Ventricle Replicant

Garaliya is an electronic duo (who?) based in Lodi, Italy. Garaliya's Ventricle Replicant is a 5-headed monster, or robot monsters as the quintet of tracks are called "Ventricle", "The Roboteer", "Z - Clones", "Serpenter", and "Replicant". Well, the robots might be of the human kind, as the album starts with a heart chamber - a ventricle.

Kvitnu describes this as 'music of fierce turbulent atmospheres and tough abstract beats mixed with synthetic sequences, bizarre labyrinths of morbid soundscapes' and further they go on 'Highway galleries of sound transfigurations and deformations. Unpredictable pulses of insane moving sonic blasts crushing everything on their way'. Garaliya themselves label their music as 'Techno / Abstract / Noise', but their techno is of the minimalist kind. Their soundscapes are quote calm and controlled. I prefer the shorter "The Roboteer", as well as the long, epic closing track, "Replicant". The latter holds a passage which suonds like a digital tabla drum sequence. All in all, Ventricle Replicant is the sound of a Mensch-Machine/Man Machine smiling. The content, the outline and backdrop might seem cold and metallic, but deep in there, there's a solid pulse and a steady hearbeat. The clones are alright.

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