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Sara Somebody
Sara Somebody

When looking at Sara Somebody's debut EP, one must examine the vocals and music separately. The Hamilton band's lead singer has a beautiful, angelic voice. The rest of the band plays good melodic rock. So in theory both parts of the band's music should work well together. Unfortunately that is not the case.

It is evident from the beginning of the album's first track Smother that lead singer Jackie's vocals and the band's brand of rock music just don't gel. The second song, Now I Float Lightly suffers the same fate. The next track, Trinity sees the band playing a slowed down acoustic number, the only time that the vocals seem to work with the music. Looking at the type of music played it is evident that ultimately Jackie's vocals would be best suited with slower songs similar to this one.

In the end though, the one song that does work can't save the other three on the record. In the band's defense, the songs presented on this recently released album were recorded over two years ago. So it would definitely be interesting to see if they have made any progressions musically or vocally that have helped to improve their overall sound.

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