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The Weekend/Defender
Digital 7" Series 3
Teenage USA Recordings

Last summer Toronto indie label Teenage USA Recordings stepped up and showed how truly innovative independent labels are by releasing the world's first digital 7" recording. Their goal in doing this was to keep the spirit of 7"s alive in a new medium. The recording was a free download and could be obtained simply by heading over to the labels web site. Since the summer the label has gone on to release two other digital 7"s. The third one, which is the best to date, features great tracks from The Weekend and Defender.

Side A of the 7" features the The Single from The Weekend. This song is two minutes and forty-seven seconds of pure, blissful pop music and was easily one of my favorite tracks from 1999. The song was taken from the London four piece's soon to be released debut album and makes you want to sing along with the sugar coated vocals and bop up and down to the catchy sounds.

On Side B fans get to hear a new track from Defender. Defender is John Ounpuu, who used to play bass for the late, great Pluto. Love or Money is an excellent electronic tinged pop ballad about a guy who wishes he could get paid to be with his girlfriend.

Teenage USA, like most independent labels have embraced MP3 technology instead of fearing it. They have realized that MP3s offer new ways to promote and expose their artists to the mass public. Help support them in their quest for eventual world domination by heading over to their site and discovering some new music by downloading these two outstanding tracks.

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