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Apples In Stereo
The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone
Elephant 6 / Spin Art

Wow!! No need to write about this one, really, since everything's already said. AiS make their third full-length go, and summer lasts forever. Even here in Norway where summer definitely is gone for now, I think by playing this record repeatedly we could make snow keep off the coming winter. Most critics claimed The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone to be the album of the summer of 2000. Right on! Denver's poppiest couple have done it again.

Robert Schneider and Hilarie Sidney and the rest of the Apples (John Hill on guitar, backing vocals. Eric Allen on bass and backing vocals. Chris McDuffie on keyboards, slide guitar and percussion) radiate pure pop-charm, when they stumble out of their late 1960s registered time capsule. They have brought a 12-pack of various blend: Beach Boys, Beatles, Kinks, Small Faces. Of the 12 songs on The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone Schneider (self-acclaimed Beach Boys-nut for life) has written 10, Sidney the last 2. And what a line of songs it is! A string of pearls, glowing, dancing around a sun-tanned neck. From the swirling opening track Go it's a party. Take Stream Running Over, or the smooth Look Away (also released as a single), or What Happened Then, or Submarine Dream, or closing track The Afternoon. Not to forget Hilarie's rawer 20 Cases Suggestive of..., and the cuter Stay Gold. If you don't like anything on this album you don't have a heart. Period.

Discover the world inside Apples in Stereo. You'll find nothing but goldies.

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