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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 63 - 11/30/01

The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band
Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward

Not only have they gained an extension for the name, some additional members are also added. Not to worry though, the sound is still one of unparalleled beauty. Even the great Godspeed You Black Emperor, main deliverer of members to this orchestra, have problems matching this. Not so interested in building songs, layer upon layer, until the beauty is the beast as the Godspeeds normally do, The Silver Mountains delve right into the song, no nonsense approach, which is quite refreshing and makes the album more song oriented. Not so much as to be a pop album, far from it, but the different song are really different... Plenty of violins, cello, trumpet and even some electronics make this something other than your normal rock record. Beautiful and strange at the same time? Is that possible? In this case, a big yes.

I saw them live after the first album, then they were a bit anonymous, and I would be surprised if this is the case now. Let me also praise the package, two 10" mini-LPs in an exquisite gatefold, heavy cardboard cover. Tasteful to say the least. Another triumph from Canada's finest anarchists, where will this end?

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