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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 83 - 07/13/03

The Launderettes
Take Me to the Race
Big Dipper Records

A new EP from garage-rockettes The Launderettes. A 4-pack this time, of greasy, sweaty, organ/guitar driven garage pop/rock. The quintet has been presented twice before by us; their single Rebel Love and their debut album Shaken And Disturbed.

Denim-ly clothed and suitably named Lucy (vox), Candy (guitar), Dandy (organ), Vicky (bass), and Bambi (drums) pump out 1960's inspired grooves, quite standard formatted, but whit a certain whimsical charm. They do their stuff 100 per cent. However, I find their songs a bit anonymous, lacking the final punch needed, which I guess they're ready to show live.

Best track: "Too Late To Say You're Sorry", which tends to be the poppiest of the four.

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