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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 192 - 05/06/12

Graeme Emmott
Galleria Sensorium
Worldhouse Records

I've reviewed Graeme Emmott in the past, and his new effort is also worth a look. His folksy sound is rockier this time around, and the album has a futuristic theme to it.

"Half Measure" is a full throttle rock song that nonetheless has a strong tune and some nicely ambiguous lyrics. "Sign of the Times" is another strong song, Emmott singing at the height of his abilities against some frantic guitar riffing. "Stardust in my Eyes" is a poppier song with some affecting lyrics about hope. "Time Takes No Prisoners" is a strong song also, Emmott singing of the passage of time, in a convincing way.

He's changed his sound, and the change really resonates, it's an affecting record in every way.

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