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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 206 - 06/23/13

Graeme Emmott
Posters And Pinups
Worldhouse Records

Graeme Emmott has made a series of good records and his new one is just as strong as the previous ones.

"Cuban Sunset" is a dreamy song with a solid guitar line at the centre. Emmott sings of dreams and lost love in a memorable way. The title track is a bluesy reverie of the Second World War and it's poignant and well made. "Love Just Stays the Same" is a sweet yet poignant song that he carries off well. He's made a strong song amongst many on offer here.

"Invisible Dancer" is a sinuous and sensuous song with a cool mood. It's a lightly psychedelic dream. This is another fine album by Graeme Emmott.

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