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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 205 - 05/25/13

Jude Davison
Head Bone Gumbo
Slipstream Records

Jude Davison has released several albums, which have all been good. For his new effort he's set texts by Blake Parker to music, as a tribute to the now departed writer.

"Death of a Little Bird" is a jazzy, somewhat Tom Waitsy song where the words are sharp and acute. "Old Trombone" is a blues-tinged song, which tells a tall tale in a very intriguing way. "Eliza Lou" is a dreamy song where Davison recalls a country singer in the best possible way. "You'll Wear a Red Hat" is a hopeful closer with a beautifully evocative mood. Davison's gift for making well-worn things seem relevant is intact. It's a wonderful album and a good tribute to Blake Parker.

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