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Through the retro-scope
Anniversary Album of the Moonth


This is a piece in a series of 12 Luna Kafé desserts, presenting a dozen of records celebrating their 40th, 30th, 20th or 10th birthday this year 2006. I've chosen three out of each "class". Classics, milestones, favourites. You name it. Some among the global masses, others maybe in smaller circuits only. Maybe we could group them under the moniker "Pet Records" - to re-name one of the many 40-year-olds of 2006.

When Beck Hansen visited Oslo in August he had problems with a painful back, leading the press into speculations about his problems were of another, more of an 'addictive' relation. This poor back of Beck meant a quite sober concert when speaking of show and spectacular entertainment. The puppet show did the show, Beck sang his songs (or was it the puppets singing as well...?). Nevertheless, when I saw Beck live back in 1998 he threw one hell of a show. Just like Odelay is one hell of an album.

From track one, the wild and wonderful "Devil's Haircut", Odelay is a grand parade of great, catchy and highly entertaining songs. Beck was already a massive multi-star back in 1996 when the record was released. But this didn't bother him presenting a better album than his breakthrough, Mellow Gold.

"Lord Only Knows", "The New Pollution", "Sissyneck", "Jack-ass", "Readymade", "Where It's At". The list is long. And listening to this is a true party. A summery feel, a mild breeze appears.

Beck Hansen - slackboy slim. A true wonder boy of the 1990s. Well, still is.

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