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"Gimme" is Beck's third non-album single this year, of which all are put out on-line (down-loadable, or you can check them out almost everywhere), and each one of them comes as a ltd. edition deluxe 12" vinyl audiophile pressing as well (including a 320 kbps download coupon). "Gimme" comes as a double 12": Side A features the original song as well as an instrumental; Side B has an extended-length "Gimme" edit; Side C and Side D contains two halves of a 30-minute extended mix of the song. Which means: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

"Gimme" is a song from inside Beck's audio playground. Beck experiments with rhythms and sound (well, not for the first time), but the result isn't... well, I'm not very impressed. During its 2 and a half minute the song is just a pulsating vibe, lacking structure and substance. "Gimme" simply glides by - and that's it. Over. Gone. Leaving me (and many others I believe - or am I the only one...?) quite disappointed. Whatever, from Beck you can get everything you want, if he's in the mood. This one gives me the feeling of a tongue-in-cheek trick - he's playing us, amusing himself.

Anyhow, I'm still eagerly awaiting a new album (or more). Until then; Gimme more? Not. Please don't gimme.

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