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Capitol Records / Fonograf

And, yes, Beck is back on the dance floor, with his new (digital) single "Dreams" - which is a teaser from his new project, a record also entitled Dreams. At least it is the 'working title'.

Unlike the overall laidback melancholia of last year's album, Morning Phase, "Dreams" shows a more playful, whimsical Beck, with a more softly aggressive, yet whimsically energetic guitar line paired with some deep, rocking beats. It is a swirling, circling song, and it goes: 'Running circles around around around around... / When nothing's right just close your eyes close your eyes and you're gone, and the whole feel is a feelgood track of the love-song kind. 'Dreams Dreams Dreams Dreams / She's making me high, she's making me high'. There is a small part midway through which makes me briefly think of a slightly annoying song from my teenage past: Men At Work's "Down Under". However, this is just a brief glimpse. And I might be totally wrong. "Dreams" is a catchy song which is raising the expectations for Beck's next album move.

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