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Capitol / Beck

Giddy up! Here is Beck's new track off his forthcoming album (his tenth official album). "Wow" follows up last year's "Dreams", which was first new lively track after releasing his rather quiet and 'safe' album Morning Phase. "Wow" sees Beck 'returning' to his 'turntables and microphone' stand. This is Beck back to the dance floor.

"Wow" is a funny piece, but it's not Beck at his best. Yet, it is a chilling and cool, loose song. 'It's like wow! It's like right now', with funny sounds and background rhythms, seeing Beck return to his more playful field. I get the feeling of Beck is improvising and fooling around in search for his 'old self'. He most definitely wants to do, or make something new. Something different than he has come up with in recent years. Like Odelay meets Midnite Vultures. Beck knows all the tricks, for sure, as he has worked with many of the 'playful kids' over the years - both of the well-established ones as well as the more 'hungry', up-and-coming artists. The Dust Brothers have been a central name over many years, and he has also worked with several massive selling electronic artists such as Air, and recently (this year) M83. It'll be fun to see what more 2016 (and 2017) brings from Beckland. Let's hope for a hungry, more playful Beck. So it seems/sounds.

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