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I Won't Be Long

"I Won't Be Long" is Beck's second single this summer, and it's slightly different than the more bouncy Defriended.

"I Won't Be Long" is another song with Beck in a laidback and loose position. It might be foretaste of his announced follow-up to Modern Guilt, even though it's maybe more up the alley of Mutations. It's a chilled and strolling song, like a lazy walk in the park. The melody lines (of the latter half) somehow remind me of the 80s style of Ultravox, or even New Order (!). Believe it or not. However, "I Won't Be Long" is a stylish Beck song, showing that he's still got it in him.

Again, I'm excited to hear the forthcoming album(s). 2013 - the year seeing Beck as the navigator of the celestial sphere.

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