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GUAU! (Wow M.I.S. remix)
Capitol / Beck

Giddy up! - Mexican style. "GUAU!" is an official remix of "Wow" by Mexican Institute of Sound, A.K.A. Camilo Lara (the 'One Man Music Machine'). Ladies y Gents: Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!

When Lara takes on Beck's "Wow", of course the Spanish-Mexican 'version' comes with a full frontal Mariachi trumpet, plus some Spanish lines. "Wow", or "GUAU!" isn't that different from the original, and the track is a dazed and dizzy dancefloor pop swirl for a lazy night. It's a slack and wobbly Concheros performance. The tone and attitude of the song is something lightheaded, something woozy. Giddy up! Mareado arriba! >We'll still have to await señor Beck's next musical move (and his coming album).

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